Friday, May 15, 2009

Celtics Lose a Tough One to Magic in Game 6 (DAMN IT!)

That was a tough one to watch last night.  I felt like the Celtics had this game in hand being up by 9 at one point but the Magic stormed back and showed some heart for the first time in this series.  The C's have stolen a few games during this series but the Magic definitely took this one back to stay alive and reach a Game 7.   Turnovers and the inability to hit big shots are what really killed the Celtics in this loss.

The Celtics had shooting trouble all game, specifically from Ray Allen and Eddie House. Neither could seem to get a good open look and when they actually did get a few, they weren't capitalizing.  Pierce heated up towards the end of the game but he wasn't getting many good looks because of double teams and more of a focus on him defensively.  He still did the typical "force it up and pray" tactic that we are very used to seeing at the end of a close game but he was hitting the shots again so I can't get that mad.   It's still super frustrating and stressful to watch.

Big Baby was in foul trouble all game and couldn't get going offensively.  Perkins looked OK in the first half but then he reverted back to his timid and clueless play of a few season ago in the second half where he would travel, make bad decisions, stupid fouls and just basically suck overall.  He was a key factor in the Celtics losing this game because all of his awful plays and turnovers came at the worst possible times.  It was very irritating watching him get called for a travel when he had an easy layup or dunk but would feel the need to dribble and let the defense recover instead of going straight up with it and possibly getting fouled.  Every time he starts playing great and I think he finally "gets it", he does some stupid shit like this.  I have no confidence in him whatsoever.  I can't take it anymore.

Game 7 is going to be tough but I think the Celtics will prevail.  They always get a boost when playing at home and I think Ray Allen will wake up from his shooting coma and go off for about 25-30 points.  He has to step up if the C's want to make it to the next round.  There just isn't enough left in the tank for the other secondary guys like Big Baby or Eddie House to take on the scoring load.  The Magic look like they have figured them out defensively.  If Allen can get it going, he takes the pressure off everyone else and they will end open more often which also makes the offense flow that much easier. 

I don't like the fact that it had to go to seven games AGAIN but I am a little excited since I have tickets to the game.  I just hope I don't get disappointed after investing all of this time and energy into a playoff season that I thought was going to end a long time ago without KG.  Let's do this Celtics!  COME ON!!!

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