Thursday, May 7, 2009

Celtics Smoke Magic in Game 2 and House Goes Off For 31 Pts. (SICK)

Now that's what I'm talking about!  This is exactly what the Celtics needed to do to get their confidence back and send a message to the Magic.  The C's are not going down without a fight in this series and I think they actually have the upper hand right now going down to Orlando.

This was a great game to be at even though it was a blowout.  There have been so many close games lately that the C's and their fans could use a game like this to relax and have a little fun.  This wasn't your typical blowout either.  Pierce only played 16 minutes because of foul trouble and Ray Allen wasn't shooting as much as he had in the past few games.  He still ended up with 22 points but it was a very quiet 22, if that is even possible.

Rondo was once again the catalyst for the C's and controlled this game from the opening tip off.  He had ANOTHER triple double with 15 points, 11 rebounds and 18 assists.  That's just plain nasty!  He played some great D, was getting the ball to the guys that were hot and also had a few dunks to get the crowd hyped.  The dunk that he had in the second half where he took off from just inside the first circle was INCREDIBLE!  The roof almost came off the Garden.  There was no way they were letting the Magic get back in the game at that point.

Another huge factor in this game was the shooting from Eddie House.  He was on FIRE and playing out of his damn mind.  Everything he threw up went in.  He ended up with 31 points and was 11 for 14 from the field and 4 for 4 from three point range.  INSANE!!!  He was pissing off the Magic so much that Rafer Alston ended up slapping House in the back of the head like a little bitch would.  That is some bush league ish!  House didn't say a damn word (for once) to provoke him either.  He was just doin' work!  Alston claims House elbowed him but they pretty much just ran into each other running down the court (at the most).  

I love that the Celtics are already getting in Orlando's heads.  Most of the guys on their team are still very new to the playoffs and have a lot to learn.  The Celtics might be old and tired and have a depleted roster but they have experience and a Championship to defend.  They will not give up and will fight to the death.  I am starting to feel like this series might not end up being as close as I originally thought.  I forgot how little heart this Magic team actually has and that will be a huge factor in the remaining games.  Let's hope the C's can carry this momentum into Orlando and steal a game or two down there.  I have tickets to Game 7 but I would really love it if I didn't even have to go!   

Quick Game 1 Recap:
I didn't even write a post about Game 1 because I was so disgusted and disappointed.  I had a feeling they would be tired from the crazy Chicago series but I didn't expect them to go down by 30 points.  The messed up part was the fact that they actually had a chance to win the game and they actually gave it away in a sense.  They were only down 4 points with a few minutes to go and Rondo made a terrible pass to Allen and the Magic ended up scoring and pulling away.  That was the momentum killer and the game was a wrap.  Here's the video recap for the hell of it:

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