Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Psycho Baseball Manager? Please Stop

I love baseball but there are a few things about the sport that kind of piss me off. It's basically the old school mentality and "tradition" that people use for excuses for things such as no instant replay, bench clearing brawls, etc. I really don't care if the game is more than a 100 years old and it's been that way for years. Time to update to the 21st century.

The thing that really needs to be updated is the allowed behavior of managers. I actually quit baseball back in high school mostly because we had a freakin' douchebag of a coach who thought that yelling like a maniac and acting like he was "the show" was the way things were done. It just turned people off and made what was once a great team quit on him because they couldn't deal with his shit.

Well, that brings us to this new video of a manager flipping out and acting like a 5 year old while bitching at an ump. I mean really, what does this accomplish? When was the last time you saw an ump change a call because of this shit? "You know what, I see your rambling, incoherent point now that you are done yelling and spitting and trying to get me to punch you in the face. Let me change that call, Mr. Manager." No. It doesn't happen nor will it ever so just stop already. I hate these f'n guys.

It's fine if you are a little pissed off and you want to yell from the bench and cuss the dude out but really, in what part of real life would this be allowed? If you pulled this at work, you would be fired. If you tried it out in public, you would probably get in a fist fight or get shot. Just because you are at a baseball game, this behavior is allowed? Stop trying to be the show, you old douchey managers. No one wants to see carrying on like a lunatic. You all need to go away and keep your tight pants and fat bellys in the dugout. Kick rocks.

Here's the classic from last year:

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