Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Scott Van Pelt's Legendary Voicemail

I always thought Scott Van Pelt was one of the funnier anchors on SportsCenter with his self deprecating humor and random hip hop references, etc. He doesn't force things like the one eyed Stu Scott or freakish Kenny Mayne. He just let's it flow. The dude just seems like he would be fun to hang out with and probably reminds you of one of your knucklehead friends.

Well, if you need any further proof of his awesomeness, here is a classic voicemail that he left for some random chick that he must have met in a bar. Now usually, you would make fun of something like this but somehow, you end up on his side as the message is both dorky and hysterical at the same time and probably reminds you of something you've either done in the past or are definitely capable of doing in some nervous ramble.

The chick who put his shit out there on the internet is a douche and I bet she never thought people would have Scott's back in such an embarrassing situation. Just read the comments on YouTube to see what I mean. Looks like that idea backfired biotch!

Scott Van Pelt is the mutha f'n man.

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