Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chick Fights, Mahorn Pushing Lisa Leslie and One Blown Out Knee - The WNBA...It's FANtastic!!!

Oh man!  This is fantastic.  I think this is the first time I've ever been even remotely interested in the WNBA  I never thought I would actually post something about the league.  Actually, I had a self-imposed WNBA ban but decided to removed it with the awesome news of this "fight".

This Candace Parker chick is really putting the WNBA in the spotlight these days.  You've gotta give her credit.  First she had two decent dunks in back to back games and now she is involved in one of the first big WNBA brawls.  Kudos to her.  She's even kind of cute for a diesel 6'3" chick.  Talk about a complete package.

Here are my favorite highlights from this video:

The game was in Detroit - There has to be something in the air in Detroit that gets everyone fired up and want to start a fight.  It's like people lose all rationale thinking abilities and just lose their damn minds.  This was in the same stadium where the Pacers/Pistons catastrophe happened a few years ago when Ron Artest had a beer thrown at him and then went into the stands to fight a fan.  Can we all agree that we need to just burn this place down and move all Detroit pro teams to another city or state?  We might be on the cusp of a soccer riot like incident in which the whole stadium flips out and just starts fighting each other and then 10 people die from being trampled.  Let's try and prevent this now while we still have the chance. 

Chicks Fighting - This is always interesting, scary and funny, all at the same time.  Too bad the girls involved couldn't be a little hotter.  The ratings would have shot up 1000x overnight.

Rick Mahorn pushing Lisa Leslie - This is getting blown out of proportion and looks worse than it really was.  Mahorn was just trying to break up the fight and calm everyone down but he is so f'n big that he ended up knocking Lisa Leslie down without even trying.  The media will twist this like it's man on woman violence of course but I think it was just bad luck and a crappy situation for everyone involved.  I feel bad for him because he is never going to hear the end of this from women and domestic violence groups, etc.

Cheryl Ford blowing out her knee - Just in case you were completely oblivious to women sports, I will give you a little heads up.  They blow out their ACL's, MCL's and knees ALL THE TIME.  It's an epidemic.  Any time I am forced to watch a WNBA or softball highlight on SportsCenter, I swear I see at least one major injury per highlight.  Shouldn't it be mandatory for all women athletes to wear those huge robotic knee braces to help prevent this madness? I'm sorry but I literally laughed out loud by myself this morning when I was watching this highlight.  Cheryl Ford (the daughter of Karl Malone) was trying to break up the fight and calm down her own teammate and then she barely twisted the wrong way, fell to the ground in pain and had to be taken off the court in a WHEELCHAIR!

You couldn't make this stuff up!!!  Good times.

UPDATE:  They just handed out fines and suspensions.  The WNBA is starting to resemble the NBA more and more everyday!  Read about it:

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