Thursday, July 24, 2008

Manny is High Again - (Fred McGriff Would Not Endorse These Fielding Techniques)

I didn't see this play live last week but I wish I had.  This is hilarious!  Manny must have taken a few hits from the bong before hitting left field and creating one of the worst attempts at a diving catch in recent history.  

I am still trying to figure out whether it's NESN or MLB that is being crazy about taking down content from YouTube because I couldn't find this clip anywhere but on some random video sites.  I have a feeling it might be both because you really can't find that many MLB clips on YouTube.  It’s not like either of them are making money off of these clips elsewhere like it was a movie or something, although I think MLB does charge for a lot of useless crap on their site (or did at one point).  If you are going to be losers about it, at least make some cool content available on your site for free and make the money from more advertising. They already have ads on their site but I have a feeling they aren't getting a ton of return visitors.  They have free videos available but it's just boring interviews and highlights.   If you put the cool content up or even let people create their own videos to upload, I bet their unique visitors and and revenue would increase tremendously.
I am pissed off more than I should be because YouTube took down the “Blame It On the Rain” Red Sox video I put up a few weeks back.  Papelbon and Manny Del Carmen got all dressed up in Milli Vanilli concerts and did a lip sync performance on the Jumbotron during a rain delay.  It was funny as hell and it was getting a ton of views within a few days.  Yes, I understand that it is copyrighted content but honestly, there are way worse infringements out there such as full movies and tv shows.  They also took down my clip of the Celtics celebrating the Championship Trophy at Fenway.  I could understand making me take it down if the video was available elsewhere but it was nowhere to be found after that.  WTF!!!


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