Friday, July 18, 2008

SICK!! - Making Beats on the iPhone 3G with Beat Maker

Henny makes beat on iPhone 3G using Beatmaker!!! from Henny on Vimeo.
I need to get this program ASAP!!! Beat Maker is only $20 (although more than most apps for the iPhone) and it seems like it is worth every penny based on this video review from Although you probably wouldn't use this program to create a complete track, it seems perfect for creating beat and song ideas while you are away from your computer, traveling on the road or just need something to pass the time.

I just picked up the new iPhone 3G last weekend and it is unbelievable. Yes, I stood in line for an hour and a half like an uber nerd but I don't care. I love my gadgets almost as much as I love my sneakers. I had to have it and couldn't deal with waiting another week and I had nothing else to do so why not stand in line with a bunch of geeks at the mall while everyone walks by you making weird faces?

It wasn't bad considering it was the second day of release (Saturday) and the line wasn't really that long. I'm glad I made the purchase because there are rumors of serious shortages on the iPhone now, potentially up to a month (depending on your locations current supplies). It's like having a mini computer in your pocket at all times. I have barely put this thing down other than to work, eat and sleep. This is probably the best purchase I have made in years. No joke.

Here's another review with some more detailed looks at Beat Maker:

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