Thursday, July 17, 2008

Foreign Dudes Still Love the Moonwalk

Woah!  Dude has some serious skills.  It looks like he has socks on the way he is just floating around.  I don't know how people moonwalk in shoes without having some kind of slippery surface on the bottom.  It's virtually impossible.  Believe me, I've tried.

I used to moonwalk in socks on my Great Aunt's coffee table as a young buck while rockin' the one glove ( batting glove to be exact.  None of that glitter shit) and my Billie Jean T-Shirt with my name on the back.  Shit was dope!  Too bad that sounds really gay now.  WTF happened Michael!  You're killing me with your weirdo ish. Remember when it was cool to be an MJ fan?  It WAS cool once, right?!?!?

Katt Williams sums up MJ best here:

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