Monday, July 14, 2008

Nas - Sly Fox Video

If this video and song doesn't get you fired up for truth in broadcasting and journalism, then you're just a sheep following the herd. This track takes aim at the media and specifically Fox News for their ridiculously skewed and biased reporting and news stories.

He caught some unnecessary heat when he was scheduled to perform at a benefit concert for the Virginia Tech shooting a few years back. Of course, they took his lyrics out of context and used gun and murder references as reasons why he should be banned from performing. if they actually listened, they would realize that Nas is almost always preaching a positive message and not trying to promote gun violence in any way. If he does use violence as the main theme of a track, it's to make people listen and think about the world we live in and how we can fix it.

Of course, Fox has their own agenda and they don't let the real facts shine through. All of the older people that watch that garbage station probably formed a negative opinion about Nas and Hip Hop in general based on these stories when they have no idea what they are really talking about. Typical slanted bullshit from the news outlets.

The track is on point and the video is very powerful. This gets 11 out of 13 bottles on the Thirsty13 scale.

UPDATE: Nas protests Fox News in NYC as a legit extension to his track "Sly Fox". Dude is serious! I love the fact that he is willing to speak out about real issues and opening up the eyes and ears of the Hip Hop community to make them realize that things presented by the news and TV isn't always true and often can be just straight up lies. Go ahead Nas!!!

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