Thursday, November 29, 2012

Brooklyn Nets/Boston Celtics Fight - Rondo vs. Humphries (SCRAPPY DOO)

I'm not sure it was necessary for Rondo to instigate this fight considering he had nothing to do with the original hard foul but I like his willingness to stick up for his teammate and go up against a big guy.  I was at this game last night and it was the one thing that didn't make it a completely horrible game, considering the C's played like garbage and got crushed.

I thought Rondo getting ejected would fire up the team but it didn't really do much, unfortunately.  The crowd did get pretty into it though and started a "Let's Go Celtics" chant like the old Garden whenever there was a fight so that was kind of cool. 

It sucks that Rondo's assist streak was ended on something dumb like this but I think it was time.  There was too much attention and pressure being put on a meaningless record.  The C's need to start winning some games instead.  They have looked like shit for most of the season and need to get going.   

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