Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Million DJ March in Washington, DC - Promotional or Informational?

I just heard about the Million DJ March for the first time last night which seems strange considering they are shooting for "A Milli" DJ's down in Washington, DC this weekend.  Maybe I am behind the curve in this instance but I am usually up on top of anything DJ related so it seems promotion for this event may have fallen flat.  Plus, the event is on Labor Day weekend which seems like strange timing for a profession that makes the most money at the clubs and bars during that time.

What's the real turnout going to be?  Labor Day weekend is a big working weekend for DJ's and I don't see many giving up their high paying gigs on a Saturday night to go to this thing.  Big name DJ's and huge mixtape DJ's (DJ Drama, DJ Kay Slay, Funkmaster Flex, etc.) probably don't have to worry about those issues so they can spend the money on a flight and head down for the party.  The local and regional DJ's that can't give up even one night spinnin' won't be able to make it because that is how they make a living.  Those gigs are hard enough to come by as it is so you need to hold on tight to what you have.  If you take a night off and let some new college kid come in that brings a decent crowd and is willing to take less money, you could be out of a job very quickly.  

There are plenty of performances and big name artists and DJ's showing up so maybe it will be a good scene after all.  Vitamin Water is also one of the big sponsors so someone was obviously able to prove that this will be a big deal.  The main purpose for this event can be a little unclear at first but it seems that the main reason is to get DJ's to unite and fight for proper wages, fair treatment by club owners and event promoters and to start discussions about health insurance among other things.  There will also be discussions about best business practices when dealing with labels, creating legal mixtapes and how technology is starting to force the everyday DJ out of a job or could soon.

I definitely thing it is a good idea to get DJ's to form a coalition of sorts since their isn't much of a national organization to help with what is a profession for many.  There are plenty of DJ's out there scrapping for work and every dollar they can get because this is their every day job.  There is no way to get health insurance unless you pay for it yourself which is super expensive.  Hopefully something beneficial for all DJ's comes out of this event and it will help DJ'n get recognized as a real career and not just a hobby.  

Check out the events website:  http://themilliondjmarch.blogspot.com/

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