Friday, September 4, 2009

Beavis and Butthead are Back!!! (SORT OF)

Mike Judge is releasing a new movie this weekend called Extract. He decided to bring Beavis and Butthead back to help "promote it".  Nice!  Beavis' voice sounds a little off for some reason but maybe it "matured" with his age.  We haven't seen these guys for about 13 years so they must have gotten older, right?

I miss these two clowns.  I used to watch this show all the freakin' time back in high school with one of my buddies.  I am probably a hell of a lot dumber for doing so but it was worth the laughs at the time.  I feel like it might be time to bring these guys back or at least do another movie.  It's still better than half that crap out there that passes as comedy these days.

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