Friday, September 18, 2009

Adidas x Def Jam 25th Anniversary - Young Jeezy, Ghostface & Redman Customs (HOT)

Def Jam is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year and they've teamed up with Adidas to drop a collection of dope kicks inspired by some of their biggest artists and albums. They're all a little crazy and bright and most people probably wouldn't have the balls to rock them in public but they are highly influenced by the album art so they get points for staying true to the theme.

I'd say that the Young Jeezy's are the hottest because they are fairly simple and clean although that is a REALLY bright green.  The all black leather really makes that color pop!
In second place would be the Redman joints.  They take the blood red theme from Whut? Thee Album to a whole new level.  They even have speckles of blood on the sole.  DAMN.

Coming in third are the Ghostface kicks.  I still think their hot but there's nothing much to them other than the "G" logo and lots of purple.  I'm definitely not a fan of purple on my feet and it reminds me too much of the shitty Lakers.
All of the kicks are cool in their own way and I love the concept as a whole.  Hopefully we'll see a few more artist influenced releases in the next couple of months.  More pics after the jump...

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