Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brett Favre Sears Commercial - "Cold Feet" (GO AWAY!)

Brett Favre, PLEASE GO THE F*** AWAY!!!  No one likes you anymore.  At least this jackass seems to know that everyone is sick of his back and forth bullshit at this point.  I just don't think he (or Sears) realizes how much EVERYONE hates him for it.   This commercial is not going to help them sell one more TV.  If anything, it's going to cause everyone outside of Minnesota to head to Best Buy for their next purchase.  Who's awful idea was this?

Unfortunately, because Sears has a huge marketing budget, we will now have to see Favre's annoying beard stubbled face approximately 3 million times during the 2009 NFL season. As if SportsCenter wasn't going to bad enough with their unncessary Favre coverage.  PAINFUL!  


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