Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ESPN's Adam Schefter Chokes On His Own Spit (EVERYONE LAUGHS)

I saw this on ESPN when I went home for lunch yesterday and I thought it was F'n hysterical for some reason so I recorded it and put it up on YouTube. ESPN's Adam Schefter started choking during the live SportsCenter on 9/15/09 and then all hell broke loose. The best part was when Chris McKendry started cracking up and couldn't stop laughing while trying to do the rest of her segment.  Good times!

Best Lines:
Adam: "Well he's really struggling here...COUGH. (voice trembling)  (Who is it that's struggling here, Adam?)

Sage: You back Adam?
Adam:  COUGH. COUGH. WEEZING. (almost dying)


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