Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kia Shine is Making 25% of the Revenue from Drake's "Best I Ever Had" (DAMN!)

In this Shade 45 interview (Sirius Satellite Radio), Kia Shine talks about how he is making money off of Drake's "Best I Ever Had" because of a beat and hook he put together for Lil Wayne awhile back.  It turns out that whoever made Drake's beat sampled Kia Shine's original track, as well as using the melody and a similar hook which allows him to collect money through music publishing laws.

Here's the Kia Shine track that was originally used by Lil Wayne on a track called "Do It For The Boy":

Now listen to Drake's "Best I Ever Had" and make the comparison.  The similarities are crazy:

Kia Shine worked out a deal where he is getting 25% of the "Best I Ever Had" revenues which is obviously a  HUGE single right now and only continuing to grow.  DAMN!!!  That is some serious cake right there for just one track.

That just goes to show that if you get your music publishing straight, you can make some serious cash in the Hip Hop game even if people aren't buying records like they used to just a few years ago.  If you are a producer/beat maker, get your ish together on the business side and it might pay off one day.

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