Thursday, September 17, 2009

"I Am T-Pain" iPhone App Lets You Sing Along with AutoTune (NOT BAD)

I Am T-Pain

Although the new iPhone app "I Am T-Pain" is probably about a year too late to the market since Jay-Z officially declared D.O.A., it's still tearing up the Paid iPhone Apps charts at #3 right now.

I will give the makers of the app (Smule) some  serious props for putting out a fairly solid product for the low price of $2.99.  It's not perfect as you are obviously limited by the power of the iPhone software and the shitty microphone but it works surprisingly well for it's limited capabilities.

You have to plug in headphones or a line out to your stereo in order to hear yourself and then you also need to try and hold the phone so you can read the lyrics and also sing close to the mic.  It's not the best case scenario but it works fairly well.  The quality through your speakers is actually decent but you lose some of that once you set a recording.  Hopefully they can tweak it a bit with some future updates.

Oh what, you think I would do a review without actually using the app?  Come on now!  I downloaded that ish the second I heard about it!  We all have that inner T-Pain where you want to be an R&B singer but you can't sing for shit.  Now this is the solution!  Maybe I'll post up one of the joints I recorded with it for your listening "pleasure".  Actually, that's probably a really bad idea.  I actually want you coming back to my site...

If Jay-Z didn't make D.O.A. (Death of Autotune) official, this app certainly will.  Now every one and their grandmother (literally; please see video above) can rock out and create their own version of "Buy You A Drank".  Yikes.

If you are interested in buying it for yourself, click on the iTunes link below to go directly to the app's page and help me make a few cents in the process.  Gracias!
I Am T-Pain

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