Thursday, September 24, 2009

Maineiac: The Official Rap Video of Maine (BETTER THAN EXPECTED)

If you've ever been to Maine or know anyone from there, you'll probably think this video is funny as shit.  If you're actually from Maine, you still might think it's funny but you probably won't know why.  Those Maine folks are definitely a different breed up there.  At least they're good at hunting and catching some big ass lobsters...  

This video was way better than I expected it to be in terms of quality, content, production and lyrics.  Basically I expected it to be a piece of garbage.   I really thought I was going to see a one toothed, crooked eyed, slackjawed yokel rhyming off beat and spittin' off about some crap that no one cares about.  I was definitely pleasantly surprised with the actual result. 


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