Friday, September 4, 2009

Megan Fox Prefers Kissing Girls (HOT!)

Megan Fox prefers kissing girls.  That sounds about right.  She might just be saying that to get her male fans foaming at the mouth to see her movie, Jennifer's Body.  If so, it's definitely working. 
I guess we'll all just have to wait unitl it comes out to catch that scene.  The movie looks like a complete pile of shit, even from the previews but what can you do.  I'm not really going to complain.  I wasn't exactly expecting it to be groundbreaking or have award winning acting or producing but this really looks awful. 

Megan Fox is in it though and that's all that matters.  Expect it to go to number 1 in it's first week and then completely slide off the radar once all the horny teenage boys/men have seen it.

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