Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fenway Park Still Has Beer Vendors? (WTF?!?!)

The wifey hooked it up with some SICK corporate seats for the Sox game last night.  They were third row on the 3rd base line!  I'm pretty sure I've never sat that close nor will I ever do it again unless she brings me to another game.  There is no way I could afford these tickets on my own.  There were definitely a bunch of corpos in suits sitting near us talking business and not paying attention to a second of the game.  What a waste.
It was a decent game that got a little more exciting when Victor Martinez hit a bases loaded double in the 7th to score three runs and put the Sox up 7-4 which would also be the final score.  I have to admit that even though I was watching the game, I was probably paying closer attention to all of the things going on around me.
The craziest thing I noticed whill sitting with the rich folks was that the Box seats still have Beer Guys that go up and down the aisles!  WTF?!?!   I thought they banned that from Fenway like 10 years ago.  I guess if you pay through the ass for your seats like these people do, you can pretty much get anything you want.  At least the Sox are basically admitting they are hemorrhagging money from their corporate clients and the rich bastards that sit in these seats so they want to hook them up with a few perks.  Wow.  You're too generous guys.  Seriously.

The rest of us are punished by the shitty behavior of a few drunks in the past that couldn't handle their liquor and started fights or puked on little kids in front of them.  Now "poor folk" have to get up from our seats every other inning to get more beer, while trying to navigate the ridiculously tight aisles and almost drilling the people in front of us in the back of the head with our knee, while pissing people off in the process because they have to stand up every 2 minutes.  That's always a fun adventure and obstacle course, especially after you are about 4-6 beers deep.

By the way, has anyone figured out why you get drunker and more hungover from Fenway tap beer than anywhere else in the world?  I feel like I get lit up after only 2 or 3 of those puppies and then my stomach and head are paying for it the next day (aka right now).  I'm convinced that they haven't cleaned the tubes connected to the taps since 1986 and there is some serious mold and bacteria growing in there which then makes it's way to the beer.  If anyone out there has ever worked as one of the beer vendors at Fenway, I'd be curious to find out the whole "cleaning" process you go through every night.  I'm pretty sure it consists of turning the line to the keg OFF and that's about it.  UGH.
I'm almost positive that Fenway is one of the only stadiums in MLB (or most of pro sports for that matter) that doesn't allow beer vendors to go up and down the rows all game long.  I was at a game in Shea Stadium last year even they had Beer Guys!!!  And that was in the Upper Deck!  Are you kidding me?  Mets fans are some of the sketchiest people on the planet and they willingly bring them beer at Shea but somehow the people of Boston can't get this service at Fenway because we are too rowdy or something?  Bullshit!  I can't handle this crap anymore.  I think I might start a petition.  We are getting screwed...

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