Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Damn.  Pour out a little liquor for one of the best DJ's that ever did it, Grand Master Roc Raida.  I didn't even know Roc Raida passed away this weekend until I saw this article on MTV.com just a few hours ago.  The craziest part about it all is that he died from complications due to a mixed martial arts accident. That's just something super random that I wasn't expecting to hear.

This is tough news for me personally.  Roc Raida is one of my favorite DJ's of all time. I tried to imitate and learn from his style in order to improve my own DJ skills.  I would always be glued to the screen when he had a segment in a DJ video because he was so on point.  The dude would just crush it with every set he ever did and would always mezmerize the crowd with his quick tricks and moves.  He also wasn't afraid to use popular songs in his routines which alot of other DJ's seemed to shy away from because it can be more complicated.  He was just an awesome DJ on so many levels.

Although he's not a huge name to those outside of the DJ community, you might know him as part of the X-Ecutioners crew who had a hit with Linkin Park called "It's Going Down" back in 2002.

More recently, he traveled with Busta Rhymes as his live DJ.  He is probably one of the most technically sound DJ's you'll ever see but he is also one of the most creative. His DJ battles and sets are legendary and he has been one of the biggest influences in the DJ game over the past 10+ years. His style will be sorely missed but luckily he was around long enough to give us some great material to remember him by.

Check out just a few of his classic routines below and do a YouTube search to find more. The library is almost endless and will keep you entertained for hours.

R.I.P. Roc Raida

More Videos after the jump.


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