Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jay-Z Interviews: Real Time w/ Bill Maher and More (COOL)

Here are a couple of dope Jay-Z interviews that took place recently.  He has been everywhere lately (especially on this site) building up anticipation for The Blueprint 3 album. If he doesn't sell 1.5 million in his first week, something is seriously wrong. 

I have no idea where the interview above is from but he talks about some cool topics. He is pissed at himself for making a couple of crappy radio friendly songs just to sell records on In My Lifetime Vol. 1 which he thinks kept him from making back to back classics.  He also talks about the influences on his albums throughout his career and even mentions how he used to chill with Biggie and Busta in high school and owned Busta in a battle by using that old school rapid fire flow.

BONUS:  Peep the dope kicks he's wearing with the all black look.  I can't figure out what Nike model that is but they almost look likea combination of the Terminator and the Blazer. Anyone know what those joints are?  The accents of color with white and teal make those dope as shit!

I didn't catch it live so I am just seeing this for the first time as I type but he also appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher last week.  Maher was cool and got Jay to open up quite a bit.  He even presented Jay with a book of all his lyrics from his songs that was about 6 inches thick like a dictionary or something.  SICK!

Check these out quickly because they'll probably be lifted from YouTube very soon:

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