Monday, September 21, 2009

Brandon Stokely's Miraculous Week 1 Touchdown: Tecmo Bowl Style (FREAKIN' SWEET)

This video might be a little bit late since "the catch" happened in Week 1 but who cares.  This video is still freakin' AWESOME!  Plus, you have to imagine it would take some time to change all the names around in Tecmo Bowl and then create the actual play so I'll give the dude the benefit of the doubt.  I think I have only seen the deflection play maybe 3-4 times in my entire Tecmo Bowl career which spans thousands of games so I think this probably took some serious brain dead hours to get this all to work out perfectly.  

Here is the real version of "the catch" (below).  How much does Gus Johnson rock, by the way?  You couldn't ask for anything better from the Football Gods.  Dude might have popped a blood vessel in his brain during this ridiculous ending.  You gotta love it.

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