Thursday, September 24, 2009

Random Ish - Rihanna's Awful Singing, Jay Sean Beatboxing, Ochocinco and More...

News anchor says "Keep F***ing That Chicken!" on live TV. (WOW!)

Jay Sean (singer of the recent hit "Down" featuring Lil Wayne) beatboxes Kanye's "Jesus Walks" with a little help from a Boss RC-50 Loop Station.

Rough live performance by Rihanna when she was 15.  She either had a lot of practice and vocal coaching or they use a lot of software to fix that.  You could tell she had some skills even back then.  She just hadn't put it all together yet.

Chad Ochocinco scores a TD in Green Bay and then does the Lambeau Leap to rub it in.

Cowboys Cheerleaders do a little "cage dancing" at opening night of the new Cowboys Stadium.

Minutes after storming into the Florida home of a convicted drug dealer, some Polk county undercover drug investigators were caught on tape playing a Wii video bowling game for over an hour. (Sept. 22)

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