Monday, April 6, 2009

"Like a Boss" - SNL's Andy Samberg ft. Seth Rogen (DISTURBINGLY AWESOME)

Woah!  I guess nerdy white guy rap is officially a new sub genre of Hip Hop because here is another corny yet excessively entertaining video from SNL's Andy Samberg ft. Seth Rogen called "Like a Boss".   This is definitely a play on Slim Thug and Rick Ross' excessive usage of the term LIKE A BAWWWWSE!!! in their songs and ad libs.

I didn't even know about this video until a few minutes ago.  Some dude at work just sent a somewhat incoherent email stating "Met a big fish and F***d his brains out".  I was so F'n confused and disturbed by his thoughts that I had to ask WTF he was talking about.  It turns out it was a quote from the "Like a Boss" video that played on SNL a few weekends ago. 

I'm slackin' on my pimpin' because I should have been up on this video sooner!  Even though it is super random and slightly disturbing, it should definitely give you a few chuckles, especially if you've ever worked in an office environment.  Funny Ish!

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