Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy 4/20 from Family Guy (CLASSIC EPISODE)

Family Guy had a classic episode last night to celebrate 4/20.  I didn't even realize today was the official Pothead's Holy Day until I got to work and saw my calendar.  I suggest you stay away from any bodegas, convenience stores or fast food joints today because you are bound to have long lines filled with smelly hippies wearing Birkenstock's and white kids with dreadlocks that think they are Rastafarians.  Don't worry too much though.  You probably won't see any of these weirdos until at least 4 PM since they will just be waking up or coming out of their weed induced comas.  You have plenty of time...   

I usually can't stand the musical episodes on Family Guy but this one was actually decent and less cringe inducing.  I'm starting to question Seth McFarlane's manhood because he seems to love the Show Tunes.  I guess I can't hate though because I would do the same thing if I was guaranteed to see that dudes paycheck.

Check the full episode above (courtesy of Hulu) or check out a few of the better clips below.  It's not the funniest Family Guy episode ever but it was enough to get some decent laughs and help me be brain dead for a half hour.

Nothing Incriminating

Bag of Weed

Stoned Reporters

Random Drug Test

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