Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Celtics Beat Bulls in Game 2 Thriller (SICK GAME!)

WOW!  What a freakin' game last night!  I am still trying to recover from that emotional roller coaster.  That had to have been one of the best Round 1 games in NBA history.  I almost had a Danny Ainge watching Game 2 because I couldn't take the up and down emotional swings that came with each possession.  This series has been crazy and we are only at Game 2!  Good Lord!

Ben Gordon was an absolute BEAST!  That kid was pulling shots out of his ass all game but it was the last 5 minutes of the game that really drove me nuts.  He was relentless.  It was like he was channeling his inner Michael Jordan for the entire game because he was unstoppable.  42 points in any NBA game is unreal but to pull that off in a huge playoff game is just disgusting.

He kept Chicago in it all game and almost helped them steal another win.  Even when the Celtics were playing good D, he still found a way to get the shot off and make some ridiculous baskets.  Those two threes near the end of the 4th were daggers and I thought the C's were done at that point.  Luckily they came back to take the lead but then Gordon hit another ridiculous shot at the free throw line to tie it.  I think I yelled out "WTF!!!!" at least 35 times during this game and all were directed at Gordon.  I couldn't believe he kept hitting those shots.  Mad props to Gordon on one of the best shooting games in the playoffs that I have ever seen.  I just hope it doesn't continue.

The Bulls defense was also giving the Celtics a tough time.  They had an insane number of blocks and were contesting every shot.  Rondo was unstoppable in the first half and looked like Rose did in Game 1 but then he turned his ankle and I thought we were screwed.  Luckily he came back and ended up with a sick triple double of 19 pts., 12 rebs. and 16 assts and helped the C's continue to push the tempo.  Pierce was playing OK but he looked very tired and was forcing a lot of shots.  Big Baby Davis played out of his mind and had a career high 26 points and 9 rebounds. 

It still seemed like the C's couldn't get any really good open looks until the 4th when the Bulls started getting a little tired and Ray Allen finally started heating up.  I am so glad Ray was able to erase the memory of that bad shooting night from Game 1 which lasted through the first half of Game 2.  Doc asked who was going to step it up in the second half and Ray definitely gave him an answer.  He hit that huge three to tie it up with a few minutes left and then hit the game winner with Noah in his face.  I don't even know how he got that shot off but I am glad he did. 

My heart is still pumping extra hard trying to recover from that madness!  This is the nice boost that the Celtics needed in order to stay focused in this series.  If they lost Game 2, I'm afraid the series might have already been lost.  Now we are back to square one and hopefully the Celtics can get their act together for the remaining games.  I just wish they had some more bodies on the bench because it is getting ugly with all of these injuries.  It's just not fair.  

I'm not sure how long these videos below will stay up due to copyright issues but enjoy them while they last.  This is the last 20 minutes of the game in full so you will get to see every single back and forth play and relive the madness again.  This game should be an ESPN Instant Classic:

Part 1

Part 2


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