Monday, April 20, 2009

Celtics Game 2 Preview and Pierce's Nike Zoom Sharkley PE Kicks

Ugh.  This is painful to even think about again but I've gotta do it to get myself in a more positive outlook for Game 2.  I was lucky enough to attend Game 1 of the Bulls vs. Celtics series but it ended up being bittersweet because of how the C's finished the game.  I'm not going to get into the details because you either watched the game or saw the highlights (above) but I wanted to make a few quick points.

How the hell does Ray Allen go 1 for 12 and not even look like he could hit the side of a barn?  He is going to have his off days but that was one of the worst shooting displays I've ever seen from him.  Even when he had trouble last year in the playoffs, he was still missing just short or long.  This time around it was left, right and anywhere but in the hoop. My buddies and I were convinced his crazy OCD like shooting routine of getting to the gym 4 hours before the game was completely disrupted because of the 12:30 start time.

I definitely don't think you give him the ball for the last shot of the game after a shooting performance like that but at the same time, you have to think that he can break out of that slump at any time.  It just wasn't happening for him though.  I don't see this continuing for much longer but the C's need to do a better job of setting him picks to get open long enough to get a good look.  I expect him to have about 25+ tonight.

The other major issue I saw was the lack of defense being played on Derrick Rose by Rondo and any other PG that was in the game.  I know the kid is really good and quick as shit but he needs to be contained or we are screwed.  Rose had a "quiet" 36 points and 11 assists and looked like he could score at any time.  I didn't even realize he had that crazy of a game until I got home.  I knew he was killing us but that is just an insane game.  Especially when that is your first playoff game EVER!  I guess there is something to be said for playing on the big stage in the Final Four.

I knew we were going to have tough matchup with the much younger and faster Bulls but there is no way that game should have gone into OT.  If Pierce hits the second free throw, the game is a wrap.  It really shouldn't have gotten to that point though.  There were plenty of other possessions where the C's should have scored or stopped the Bulls that would have made a huge difference.  I hate to make excuses but the refs were absolutely horrendous too.  There were at least 5 or 6 "WTF?!?!" calls by the referee crew including one of the worst refs in the league, Bennett Salvatore.  That dude is a complete joke and should never be allowed to ref a playoff game.

Let's hope the C's can put together a more solid game offensively AND defensively tonight.  If they can't win Game 2 at home after losing control of Game 1, then I don't have very high hopes for the rest of the series.  Come on fellas!

It looked like everyone had a fresh new color or style of sneakers for the playoffs but Paul Pierce had a completely different shoe on which is strange since he has his own signature shoe, the Nike Air Max P2 V.  I did a little research and it looks like Pierce is rockin' a special Player Edition of the Nike Zoom Sharkley's which are both cool and ugly as hell, all at the same time.  Very interesting:

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