Friday, April 24, 2009

Celtics CRUSH Bulls in Game 3 (THEY'RE BACK!)

That's WTF I'm talking about!  That game last night was HUGE!!!  I had a softball game at 8:00 so I missed the first half but when I walked in the door to the local bar after the game, I saw that the Celtics were up 22 at halftime!  I thought it was an error or something.  I can't express how pumped I was to see that since I was anticipating the Bulls to play much better at home.
The Bulls looked like a completely inferior team.  The Celtics completely embarrassed them on their own floor and have shifted the momentum in their favor.  Unless Rose and/or Gordon can catch on fire again and at the same time, I don't see any chance in hell for the Bulls to win another game.  They will have to play perfectly now that the C's got their groove back and have figured out how to play the Bulls to their advantage.

The one good thing about the Celtics losing Game 1 is that I get to go to Game 5 now.  I would really like them to close out the series on Tuesday night and get a little extra time to let everyone heal and get ready for Round 2.  I have a funny feeling this series could still go 6 or 7 games though....

The Celtics/Bulls game wasn't the only blow out of the night.  The Mavericks absolutely destroyed the Spurs 88-67  and held Tim Duncan to 4 points!  I love to see that since I can't stand the Spurs or any of their cry baby players.  The sooner they are out of the playoffs, the better it will be for everyone.

UPDATE:  What is this madness about Tony Allen getting death threats in Chicago?  Yikes.

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