Thursday, April 2, 2009

Droppin' Air Force 1 Knowledge - Playmaker TV Vol. 3 (FRESH)

If you think you have sneaker game, think again.  These dudes will put you to shame.  This is a video I just found that was taken back in December 2008 at Niketown NYC.  The selection of rare and custom kicks they put on display was ridiculous.  I've posted some videos about DJ Clark Kent and his sneaker addiction in the past but this is on some next level shit.  The "Mayor" shows off some of his collection of 1,300 sneakers which includes over 1,000 Nike Air Force 1's. 

There was also some crazy knowledge being kicked by Rich "Maze" Lopez and Clark Kent's boy "All Day" who has over 5,000 pairs of sneakers.  Damn.  I can't even compete with that madness.  How do these dudes afford all of these kicks?  It's insane!

My Mom always told me I had too many sneakers but she had no idea how bad it could have been.  I need to send her this video to show her I'm not really that crazy with my sneaker addiction.  If anything, I need to step my game up!

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