Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2009 McDonald's High School Dunk Contest (DECENT)

There's nothing too crazy going on in this video that you haven't seen before but it's hard for me to pass on watching a Dunk Contest of any kind.  I am straight up addicted and always looking for that next incredible dunk.

I have to give props to the token goofy white kid.  This time around it was 6'11" Mason Plumlee who is committed to Duke next season.  He looked a little awkward as tall guys in dunk contests always do and he can't really jump that high but he had some creativity and made some clean dunks.  Not bad.

Avery Bradley (who is committed to Texas) pulled off the win with an array of creative dunks for a dude that is only 6'2" at best.  He had some nice windmills and reverse dunks going on.  Nice.   

I have a feeling the best dunkers in high school never make the McDonald's All American game.  The dudes that throw down the best dunks are usually not the best players and sometimes that's all they can do.  We are talking ZERO game.  It's too bad because that is when kids are close to their jumping apex and will try anything.  I would love to be able to catch a highlight tape for some of the best high school dunk contest jams from around the country.  I'm sure there is some crazy ish out there that would blow away some of the best NBA dunkers... 

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