Friday, April 3, 2009

2009 College Slam Dunk Contest (RESPECTABLE)

Just like the High School Slam Dunk contest we saw earlier in the week, there's nothing too ground breaking going on in this dunk contest but it was somewhat entertaining. There were some creative dunks mixed in there but nothing we haven't really already seen in the past.

This dude Charlie Coley III from Charlotte may not have been the best dunker (he came in 2nd) but he definitely put some thought into his dunks.  The long pass from the stands was cool but I actually give more credit to the guy making the pass because that is the hardest part of the whole equation.  His other dunk over Jalen Rose sitting in his judge chair was very nice but it's something that has been done before and Jalen wasn't extremely high off the ground since he was sitting.  After seeing 5'8" Nate Robinson jump over 7 footer Dwight Howard standing straight up in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest this year, I expect more from these types of dunks.  I guess we are spoiled now.

Tony Danridge from New Mexico won it all with an old school Rock the Cradle Windmill Dunk a la Michael Jordan.  It wasn't what you would expect to win a dunk contest these days but it was well executed and had both power and finesse.  He got his head up there above the rim to make it that much nastier too.  Not bad.

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