Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pharrell Really Loves Himself Some McDonald's (WTF?!?!)

Either Pharrell is losing his damn mind or he just got paid a nice chunk of change from McDonald's to create a viral video of him freakin' out and singing the Micky D's song at 6 AM in a Paris airport.  Regardless of the reason, this is some weird ass shit. 

On a somewhat related note, can the skinny jeans trend please stop?  He just looks stupid with those "too tight for your nutsack to breathe" type of pants hanging off his ass.  Did he steal them from Gwen Steffani's closet or some shit?  No wonder they were ready to call the security on him.  Planes are already uncomfortable as it is.  Try some sweatpants, homey!

I think this video also proves that either the French suck even more than we already assumed or P needs to step up his international game because no one in Paris seems to know who the F he is!!!

Definitely one of the most random videos I've seen in awhile...

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