Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cosby Goes Bollywood aka CosbyWood (AWESOME)


DAMN!  People never cease to amaze me with the random shit they think of and then put online.  What was this person smoking when they came up with the idea to combine Indian music (Bollywood style) with clips from The Cosby Show's intro where they all dance like they are having a seizure?  Whatever got them that high, I want some of it because this is on some next level ish!  Such a good idea! 

This video also made me reminisce to the days when The Cosby Show was the best show on television.  I forgot how much I used to love that show.  It's too bad Bill Cosby doesn't have a funny bone in his body left.  He's become a grumpy old man that talks smack about Rap music one day and says he is putting out a rap album the next.  WTF is that all about?  Dude has lost it.

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