Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lil Wayne Ft. Young Money - "Every Girl" Official Video (GOOD ISH!)

It looks like Lil Wayne is finally starting to promote his new crew Young Money with a new video for "Every Girl" (formerly known as "Filet Mignon").  This song has been floating out there for awhile but the official video just dropped the other day.

Young Money Entertainment is an imprint of Cash Money Records and was started by Lil Wayne back in 2003. He hasn't done a ton with the roster but he does have a lot of people signed and it looks like they are finally starting to get rollin' with some new joints.  He's even got Jae Millz on the label and in this song.  Remember that dude?  He had some hot singles like 3 or 4 years ago and then disappeared.  It's nice to see he has landed somewhere he can actually get some shine.  

This is a cool ass song and a nice little video.  It's simple but effective.  You gotta love all the fly ladies poppin' out of the Bentley like a clown car.  And the cartoon effects over the heads of everyone is classic too.  I could do without the last two verses though.  Those dudes were kind of wack.

WTF is wrong with that dude Gudda in the red jacket by the way?  He looks like a fat little midget that went to the doctor to get his legs stretched or something.  He is super uncomfortable in front of the camera too.  Dude needs an extreme Hip Hop makeover or something.

I'll be on the lookout from some new ish from Young Money though.  I think they have some potential as a crew and as their own individual parts as solo artists.  I know the album is supposed to drop at some point soon but I was not able to find a title or release date.  Typical... 

Lil Wayne Ft. Young Money - "Every Girl"

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