Thursday, August 26, 2010

Justin Darlington & Guy Dupuy SHUT DOWN the Midnight Madness 2010 Dunk Contest (BEST DUNK CONTEST EVER)

This might be the best dunk contest that I've ever seen in my life!!!  Seriously.  If you can find one that's better, please send it my way but I can guarantee you that it doesn't exist.  I mean, these dudes are doing legit video game dunks that I didn't think were humanly possible.  A cartwheel dunk is already badass enough but then to go between the legs after the cartwheel on the next dunk?!?!?  WTF!?!?!  That was crazy!  He definitely stole that from NBA Live!

Or how about when Guy Dupuy catches the ball between his legs while a guy was holding it about 6 feet off the ground?  The crowd didn't even appreciate how nasty that dunk was because they were spoiled by the ridiculous shit they had already witnessed.  One dude showed him up by jumping over a guy while catching the ball between the legs with his foot so high that it looked like he could kick the rim.  DAMN!

Hey NBA, are you paying attention?  Just get rid of the players and let these professional dunkers fight it out during All-Star Weekend.  It would make All Star Weekend cool again and would blow the roof off the building from all of the excitement.  It would be literally unbelievable.  Get it done... - Addicted to Sneakers, Sports, Hip Hop and Gadgets

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