Thursday, August 19, 2010

GZA's Wu-Tang Documentary Trailer (LOOKS AWESOME)

This is the trailer to the official GZA/Wu-Tang documentary that has been 10 years in the making.  HOLY SHIT this is going to be so dope!  It might be a few years late since Wu is kind of irrelevant these days but it is going to be cool as shit to relive some of those awesome Wu-Tang concerts from back in the day and get an exclusive behind the scenes look at some of my favorite rappers.

The best show I ever saw was Wu-Tang Clan opening up for Rage Against the Machine at the Tweeter Center in Foxboro, MA back in like 1997.  Both groups tour the roof off.   It was such a crazy combination of fans that it just worked.  Although, I'm not sure Wu's audience is so different from Rage's since it consists of mostly white suburban kids but we can at least pretend that it was this crazy eclectic mix of fans...

Anyway, I've never met anyone that used to be into Wu and then stopped listening. You are either all in or you just don't like them at all. A lot of fans like myself might not buy the new shit that often but they certainly still bang the classics like Enter the 36 Chambers, Wu-Tang Forever and all of the classic solo albums.  There will be a huge core of loyal fans that will buy the shit out of this DVD.  I will definitely buy this as soon as it comes out and have it on heavy rotation.

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