Friday, August 20, 2010

Drake Ft. Lil Wayne – "Miss Me" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

This is the official music video for Drake's "Miss Me" featuring Lil Wayne from his debut album Thank Me Later.  I wasn't sure what I thought of the song when I first bought the album but I think it's growing on me and I think I might consider it one of the best on the album at this point. 

It took me awhile to get used to the vibe at first since it feels like two completely different songs  mashed together but in a way that works.  The fairly uptempo beat and energized lyrics is how it starts off but then it kind of switches to a more R&B flavored joint on the hook with a more subtle rhythm.  Then the beat changes again and you are taken to the next level of the song.  It's almost like it's in 3 or 4 chapters or something.  I think that makes sense, right?

Anyway, I like how they threw in the video of Lil Wayne and made it look cool with his image reflecting on multiple objects and in different angles and sizes.  I'm sure they probably recorded that before Weezy went to jail and it was probably just in front of a green screen or something plain so they could use it any way they saw fit.  They definitely made it work.

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