Friday, August 27, 2010

Thursday Throwbacks: Alkoholiks - "Make Room" & "Daaam!"

I forgot to put up a Thursday Throwbacks post yesterday because I basically had no idea what day of the week it was.  Whoops.  So I decided to hit you off with two joints from the Alkoholiks to make up for it.

The Liks have a ton of dope joints but "Make Room" and "Daaam!" might be my favorites.  These dudes are some of the best lyricists/rappers to ever come out of the West Coast.  They've got that rapid fire flow and dirty beat style that was influenced by the East Coast but still had the West Coast swagger. 

I'm surprised they never did better commercially since they have some nice radio/club joints but there was a ton of competition back in the 90's so it's understandable that they flew a little under the radar.  If they came out today, they would destroy the competition. 

If you have never listened to one of their albums, I suggest you start with their first one 21 & Over and then take it from there with Coast II Coast, Likwidation, X.O. Experience and Firewater.  All of them are nice and the first 3 are classics.  You can also check out their best of material on the album Bar Tab. 

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