Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cee-Lo Green - "F*** You" (ONE CATCHY ASS SONG)

It looks like Cee-Lo has another huge hit on his hands with his new single "Fuck You".  It's already blowing up on YouTube with 1.8+ million views and it was just released on August 19th.  This isn't even the official video so I'm sure that will get some serious views once it releases next week.  This will definitely be a huge breakup anthem and it will also serve as the theme song for anyone who's in a shitty mood and just wants to say "Fuck You" to everyone.

It's nice to see the way Cee-Lo has blown up over the past few years.  He can rap and sing like no other and his unique voice and style makes him stand out from the crowd.  A lot of people only know him from the two Gnarls Barkley albums with DJ Danger Mouse but he has been making dope music since the mid 90's. I've been following him since his Goodie Mob and Dungeon Family days and always thought he deserved a lot more shine than he received.

He put out two solo albums that didn't sell well because in my opinion, they were way ahead of their time.  The albums created a mashup of multiple musical genres from Funk, Soul, Rock, R&B and Hip Hop which wasn't very accepted at the time but is what everyone seems to be doing these days.  It's nice to see that one of the biggest influences on the new school sound will finally have a huge solo hit on his hands.

Here are a few of my favorite songs from or featuring Cee-Lo:

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