Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chris Kaman Explodes $10,000 Worth of Fireworks (CRAZY)

This seems like a really bad idea for anyone to have this many fireworks at their disposal but when you are a Los Angeles Clipper worth $50 million then it's just DUMB.  There is no way they are happy about their starting Center putting out a video like this. 

I guess this video is from a new show called "Exploring Kaman" which could be pretty good considering Kaman is kind of crazy and a little wacky. Obviously he has almost unlimited funds to do stupid shit so the potential for more mayhem is high but maybe he should have thought twice about including this clip so that he didn't piss off his employers.  I'm pretty sure I've heard of people losing hands and shit lighting fireworks.  I'm pretty sure you need both of those to play hoops.  What a dumbass. 

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