Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Sick Catch by a Japanse CF - "Spider Man 2" (NASTY)

No, this is not the same catch that I posted just a few weeks ago but yes, it is the same guy team and the same pitcher (Saitou Yuki) on the mound. This time it was CF Amaya Soichiro who pulled off the crazy acrobatics.  Does this team practice these catches every day?  They must.  This is just too easy for them. 

What are the chances that the same team would get two perfectly placed almost HR's that allowed their Centerfielders to climb the wall for an unreal catch within a few weeks of each other?  You could watch an entire MLB season and not see a catch like either one of these but these dudes just pulled off two in 3 weeks.  Crazy!

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