Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Buttershoes" - Foot Locker Commercial about Hot Chicks with Ugly Shoes (FUNNY BUT TRUE)

This might just be a sneakerhead thing but I'm pretty sure it's not based on some recent conversations I've had with my friends.  There's nothing worse than seeing a hot chick wearing ugly shoes.   Yes, I know that sounds ridiculously picky and trivial but it really does mess up what could potentially be a perfect thing.  If a chick is looking good with her hair, makeup and outfit but she doesn't put any effort into her shoes then you should instantly question her sanity.  There's just something off about a chick that spends all that time on everything but her feet.

I get into this conversation a lot with guys like myself who hate those disgustingly non-sexy flats that every chick seems to be sporting these days.  They are just straight up disgusting.  Flats are quite possibly the least sexy thing you could ever put on your feet other than nurses shoes or those Skechers Shape Ups or Reebok Easy Tones.

I've seen chicks that are like 9's or 10's wearing bullshit flats and I want to puke in my mouth because they completely f'd up their sexiness level.  OK, I take that back since I'm definitely exaggerating.  Any chick that's an 8 to a 10 on the hotness scale can pull it off because no guy will notice or care but any chick below that should really reconsider what they are putting on their feet because you are definitely being analyzed up and down whether you like it or not. 

If you are going to spend all that time getting ready and making guys wait for you to change 30 times before you are ready to go out, do yourself a favor and put on some heels.  I'm not asking for stilettos (although that would be really smart on your part) but at least put a little effort into it.  It will complete the look and also give your calfs and ass a nice lift.  When you wear those ugly ass flats you look frumpy and dumpy.  A chick could be dressed kind of sloppy but if her shoe game is on point, she just earned an extra point on the hotness scale.  It's a fact. 

I used to think Katie Holmes was kind of hot but now all I see here wearing are terrible shoes like these.  GROSS!

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