Thursday, August 5, 2010

adidas Originals MEGA Diner 2010 Ad ft. B.o.B. (COOL)

This isn't the best sneaker ad I've ever seen but you never see many on TV these days so I thought it was worth a post.  Plus it features my boy B.o.B. and his track "Magic" which is kind of cool. 

Here's the official description from the video's YouTube page:

The adidas Originals MEGA Diner is officially open and ready for biznazz. We've taken two of our house specialties, the Torsion and Softcell, and supersized them, never skimping on style, to make for a massive, mouth watering moment in footwear. Get in line with Paul Iacono for your own tasty MEGA Special, served up fresh by B.o.B. behind the grill. Enter the MEGA Diner online and our smokin' hot waitress will take your order, leaving it to B.o.B. to deliver a custom MEGA Special personalized for you and your friends. It's the biggest, baddest, freshest thing we got. Get it while it's hot!

Check out more at:

 I would highly recommend checking out the Diner because the waitress has some serious B.o.B.'s (Bombs over Baghdad) herself...

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