Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Joy of a Salesman (FUNNY)

If you have ever been or are currently a salesperson then you will definitely appreciate this video.  Nothing is more frustrating than having management on your ass 24/7 to get your numbers up even though you are already at or near your quota while there are a bunch of douchebags on your sales team that don't sell shit but never get reprimanded. 

Almost everyone has wanted to berate their boss with lines like these at some point in their career.  Too bad most people never have the balls.  Here are some of the classics:

Sales Guy: "Satan must really miss not having his prize demon with him in Hell right now." 

Boss:  "This company is your family and by sandbagging you are hurting your family."

Sales Guy:  "If this company is my family, then I have been molested for years now by being financially raped up the ass with no lube."

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