Tuesday, December 8, 2009

LeBron and Noah Argue About Cleveland's Dancing Shenanigans (RANDOM)

LeBron is getting a little out of control with all of this dancing ish. It's cool that the team is loose and likes to have fun but there is also a certain respect factor to consider for the other team.  At first, I thought Joakim Noah was just overreacting since he is kind of a douche and loves to constantly run his mouth but then when I saw the entire video of LeBron's shenanigans, I quickly took Noah's side.

Of course, LeBron gets away with anything he wants because he is on of the best in the league and they are rarely going to fine him or give him a T for anything other than a major incident.  He also gets every call on the planet to go his way.  I get it.  But if you are going to act like a bitch and not shake the other team's hand like he did last year in the playoffs against Orlando and then pull this shit during a game, you have to assume people are going to get pissed.  He is just egging them on.

Smarten up, LeBron!  You're better than that.

UPDATE:  I totally forgot about Noah's awful dancing after winning the NCAA Championship a couple of seasons ago until Starbuck mentioned it in the comments.  At least he did it after winning a big game not a regular season blowout like LeBron did. 

Here's a look at that lovely masterpiece:

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