Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Dunkin' On That Reindeer" - KRS-One, Lupe Fiasco and the Kobe & LeBron Puppets (AWESOME NIKE COMMERCIALS)

Oh man! This is hysterical! Just when I thought the Kobe and LeBron Puppet commercials were starting to fall off, they come hard with a nasty rap video starring KRS-One as Santa and Lupe Fiasco as Blitzen. SICK!

The song is on point with the throwback reference to Boogie Down Production's "The Bridge Is Over" and they even chopped and screwed the LeBron puppet saying "Dunkin' On That Reindeer! Dun-Dunkin' On That Reindeer"!  HA HA!  LOVE IT!!!

Here are two other commercials giving Santa and Blitzen their individual shine on the M.I.C.  No disrespect to Santa but I thought Blitzen killed it and took it to the next level with that sick dance.  That's what's up!  

Santa Raps:

Blitzen Raps:

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