Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DJ Khaled - Fed Up feat. Usher, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross & Drake (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

The intro is kind of garbage but the rest of the video for DJ Khaled's "Fed Up" is fairly solid. I'm surprised Khaled is still getting a decent video budget since the labels are so tight with their wallets these days.

He still makes dope tracks and can put together an All-Star lineup of special guest appearances but I am so sick of that whiny voice of his always shouting "WE THE BEST" or "THE STREETS IS FED UP". No you're not and the streets don't care. Just make beats and shut your mouth.  You always ruin the damn intro to your songs.  There is a reason why they make "No DJ" versions of your songs, dude.  Just stop it already.

I was a little up in the air on this track when I first heard it but I think I like it now. I guess it just had to grow on me a little bit.  This might not be a huge radio hit even though it will get some spins but I think it could hang around for awhile in the clubs. This will definitely be making the cut on Dj RyB's Hip Hop Hits Volume 62. Coming soon!

Download DJ Khaled's "Fed Up" featuring Usher, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross & Drake now at
DJ Khaled - Fed Up (feat. Usher, Drake, Rick Ross & Young Jeezy) - Single - Fed Up (feat. Usher, Drake, Rick Ross & Young Jeezy)

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