Friday, October 17, 2008

Red Sox Are Giving Me Ulcers! Pull off Game 5 Win in Dramatic Fashion

Wow.  That was some crazy ish last night!  I can't believe the Sawx pulled off the win after being down 7-0 as late as the 7th inning!  I had a funny feeling going in to Game 5 that the Sox were going to stay flat and play crappy like they had the past few games.  Although they started this game like they didn't want to be there and were ready to pack it in, something magical happened to turn this whole series around and give Sox fans new hope.

Here is the breakdown of how I caught the game since it wasn't the typical viewing experience.  I had an F'n 8:50 basketball game in Cambridge!  WTF is that?  The other team said they were still showing up so we decided to play.  After dropping 21 pts. 10 boards and 5 dimes on those suckas (plus the win) I hopped in the car with my boy G-Money to head to the closest bar, Flat Top Johnny's.  I checked my phone and it was 5-0 Tampa Bay in the 5th innning.  Not cool.

We finally grab a spot at the bar, get a pitcher of brew and watch the Sox continue to get their asses handed to them as the Rays took a 7-0 lead going in to the 7th.  Lowrie hit a double and we thought they had a chance to score but we basically just gave up at that point since our pitcher was done.  Stupid move.

We hop in the car again and here the announcers start talking about Ortiz's 3-Run HR to make it 7-4.  WTF?  How did we miss 4 runs in a matter of 5 minutes?  I'm cool with that, though. Maybe the karma switch of not watching the game worked!  Ya, that's it.  Things might be turning around.  Positive vibes are coming back.
I am now in my own car listening to the game on AM radio and all of a sudden JD Drew hits a bomb to right to make it 7-6!  This is insane!  They might actually pull this off.  I was on the way to my gir's place in South Boston and wasted a couple of minutes looking for a spot in parking hell.  I found one near a local townie bar and decided I had to watch the end of the game.  It was about 12 AM and I was tired as shit at this point but my girl has ghetto ass SUB-BASIC $8/month cable and doesn't even get TBS!  WTF!!!  I really had no choice at this point.

I get inside just in time to see Coco Crisp knock in a run to tie the game in the 8th.  I KNEW at this point that they would pull it off.  Fenway was rockin' just like '04 and '07 and there was just no way in hell that they were giving up in this game.  At 12:18 AM in the bottom of the 9th, Drew connected and crushed a  line drive to right for a ground rule double which scored Youkilis for the game winning run!!!  One of the best endings and comeback wins of all time.  The momentum in this series officially just switched to the Red Sox.  Let's hope this was their wake up call and the kickstart they needed to pull this thing off.  I think it was.  
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