Thursday, October 9, 2008

Common ft. Pharrell "Universal Mind Control" (Official Video)

"Universal Mind Control" has been available for a few months now on iTunes and this is the official video that just dropped a few days ago.  Hype Williams killed it with this vid by matching the futuristic vibe of the track with robots and all kinds of crazy shit.  Unbelievable!

Common's new album, also called "Universal Mind Control" was supposed to be released in the summer under a different name of "Invincible Summer" but then it was pushed back to Septmeber and again until November 11th.  Now I am hearing that December 9th is the new release date.  Get your act together, Universal.  This album's buzz is losing steam quickly.  This single was released in July!  What are you doing with this guy?  You're fuckin' up his paper!   

On top of that, Universal did not allow embeded videos anywhere on YouTube.  WTF is the point of that?  They are completely missing out on a ton of views and free promotion from blogs like this one by pulling that shit.  I found it by accident on and luckily they had a version from iMeem that was embeddable.

These record labels never learn.  Stop fighting technology and the internet and embrace it or your company will be out of business in a few short years.  Artists don't need you anymore with the advancements of technology and the internet so smarten up or you will be out of business sooner than you realize.  Take a lesson from the financial crisis and be proactive instead of reactive and offer some things to your potential customers to help them enjoy music in ways and places that they want.  You may not see the immediate revenues (because we know that is all your greedy asses care about) but if you work with the fans it will eventually benefit your bottom line.

Seriously.  Get a grip.

UPDATE:  I just read an article on that mentioned how Microsoft is sponsoring Common's new tour.  That is also an official Zune in the very beginning and end of the video.  I thought that looked familiar but it seemed like it might just be a generic MP3 player.  Microsoft really needs to step up their game and promote the Zune better because I had no clue what the current generation looked like.  That's not good. 

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